The Awakening is happening all over the world. Individual people, privately in their own homes, are beginning to question the “way things are” and seek greater knowledge to replace generations of unquestioned beliefs. The power of this Great Awakening can be seen everywhere you look- in tribes from around the world- both young and old.

And the internal blueprint is the same in all languages:  self-sustainable , living off-the-grid, alternative economies, organic foods, compassion, love, abundance, advancement, expansion, spirituality, destiny and most importantly LIKE MINDED PEOPLE. 

We are at a tipping point, and it is those individuals who have begun awakening their consciousness (vibrating in love not fear) that are standing on the Great Bridge between an old world and a new world. This is our journey. What a wonderful time to be alive. The old system founded on control, power and an economy operating from scarcity is replaced by individual freedom, diversity and abundance for all. Although in their deepest natures both states are still illusionary – we are here to regain our personal power and begin taking responsibility for our experience- by creating a world that we love and desire whole-heartedly. This is the awakening. 

Philosophy and ideology nolonger have a role in our future. Talking and not doing. Thinking and not acting. Being held back by fear, worry, doubt and poverty. This infrastructure is coming down as people open their minds and demand Sovereignty. And it is because we have given away our thoughts for so long, and forgotten to ask questions and confirm the integrity of our belief structures, that our world is the way it is today. A few control the many and those few have little interest in acting compassionately to the greater human heartstuff.

This is a wonderful time to be alive. And there is only one suggestion:

Do that which you would love and do not do that which you do not love.

If your current lifestyle, home, environment, habits, financial situation, relationship or community is what you do not love than it is up to you to create something different. Relying on someone else to do this for you is bollocks and gives the few all of your power.

Rise humanity rise. 




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I am so happy to see this world you are all creating. if someone was interested in living in your community,what does it require ?

Comment by brendan maloney

hello – please join the mailing list:

big love.

we are starting in 4 weeks.

Comment by changeurmind

I agree great ideas and site! But is anyone here? Be great to see more information and discussion in here as this critical time… More hands in the dirt consciousness building communities that are integrated with nature is where we can once again have a home to call home and a life to call life!

Comment by Hippy

I can buy one way ticket…
and I will be on my way!
count me in:.

Comment by Sara:.

hey there – have you found your piece of land yet? I am very interested

Comment by Karen

Fucin Aye! ❤ This is what im Talking About ^^,

Comment by Julio Valencia

Ups.. I meant Fuckin* 😀

Comment by Julio Valencia

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