SONE will attract an astonishing collection of natural therapists and traditional healers – including midwives, herbalists, dentists and carers. We believe that everyone participating in SONE will have a skill to offer the community. As people evolve, their ability to heal themselves and others is a natural power afforded to all. We also believe that as we move further into our personal sovereignty we will form a much stronger relationship with our bodies and understanding of how they function.

To this end the majority of western illness and dis-ease comes from dehydration and salt & mineral deficiency’s all of which can be effortlessly addressed. The truth is always simple.We recommend Phillip Day “Health in the Home”.

Hospitals and the medical system in general were never created to heal people but rather maintain dis-ease for profits (wars, pharmaceuticals, insurances, psych drugs, poisoned food & water)  and of course, the dumbing down of humanity. The whole infrastructure of western medicine (and in many cases extending into natural medicine) has been developed to make you sick. It is a wise person who begins to research nutrition and the body. We are what we eat and therefore what we eat can heal us also.

Be well be wise.


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Where’s the info about the liver and gallbladder cleanse?

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