• One of the most magical aspects of creating a community just the way we like it – is the incredible potential around “eating out”.
  • Imagine beautiful open kitchen / BBQ spaces all around the property where people can gather and share meals together.
  • Individuals that naturally enjoy cooking for others can assume the role of “Head Chef” for any of the many kitchens and establish their own menu and hours- each with their own flavor and style. These could also include outdoor pizza ovens, BBQs, Spit roast, and outdoor earth ovens. These Outdoor Kitchens can be operated like any cafe/restaurant and the “Cooks” can put their hearts and talents into serving others. A beautiful gift and absolutely abundant as no money would be exchanged. The ingredients would all come from our gardens and land and be offered to the kitchens from other members of the community. This can be done freely and naturally with no order or  hierarchy.  
  • Young people can be shown how to cook and classes in food mastery could be run by any individuals who have skills in these areas.
  • Food Preserving could also be taught so that everyone is learning the forgotten skills of our ancestors and becoming Sovereign in their own knowledge.
  • Alongside the kitchens we can create bars, where people can come and enjoy all the tropical flavours of outdoor living. If individuals wish to bring the skills of creating a winery or a brewery from the land and using our organic ingredients, then they would be free to do so.
  • Each kitchen will be built and decorated by hand and styled in any way our imaginations would love.





Imagine in the center of The School Of New Earth we built a General Store. In the General Store we displayed an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, animal products, crafts, drinks etc but instead of charging money for the goods we offered them freely to everyone in the community. The community would then be responsible for the goods that go into the General Store. This way we can share what we create, grow or keep and move into an abundance-based economy where there isnt even a need for a barter system. Just a simple offer of giving with love. Individuals can naturally create what they would love to offer and in this way everyone will be in their hearts. If you naturally enjoy tending to gardens, or keeping animals, or collecting fruits etc than that is what you can do. Adults and children alike can also offer their creative talents – whatever that maybe – art, woodwork, instruments, knitting, writing, fashion, furniture etc The potential is unlimited and really very wonderful. In this way everyone always has everything that they need and noone ever goes without. 




In similar fashion to the general store we could also build a bakery. This would be run by whomever would love to learn how to cook breads and treats the old way – using methods and ingredients natural to the land. Individuals could hold workshops teaching people how to cook different types of breads and how to prepare the ingredients. Young people could also be taught from an early age how to be sovereign in this area as well as in the kitchen. Ingredients would be supplied throughout the community and breads would be freely available for everyone.




We can grow everything we desire. With the use of advanced technology we can cultivate Great Gardens, Magical Herb Gardens (for both medicinal and eating purposes) and fragrant Spice Gardens. Where fruit tress, Avocado Trees and Macadamia Trees etc grow randomly and abundantly throughout the community. It has always been my vision that at the foot of every great tree is a crafted table and chair – so that anytime anyone is hungry they can eat whatever they wish. This is the way it was always intended to be. And yet another confirmation of moving away from a scarcity-based economy into an abundance-based economy.





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this is my dream also!

Comment by Meredith

diVine ! anyone in process of this let me know ! namaste. v


‘with the use of advanced technology we can…’
Could you explain this advanced technology? Any ‘tech’ solution supposes industry of some sort…
Unless you are referring perhaps to advanced appreciation and collaboration with Natures natural abundance? That abundance isnt something that is ‘put on’, certainly not in a tech way (i.m.o.)

Comment by slaveknowmore

this is truly beautiful…. may we all manifest these desires in our mind until in balloons and becomes physical reality xxxxx blissings

Comment by ineka

this looks AMAZING but is the spit-roast really a necessity?

why choose to continue the same paradigm of tyranny that we are trying to escape? dont our fellow species inhabiting this planet have the same divine rights to freedom and self-determination that we do? if our answer is no then we are simply continuing the patterns of domination and exploitation that we have inherited from our alien overlords.

I know that being a part of this style of community is my destiny but I feel that for our higher vibration and collective karma we should live as peaceful vegetarians.

just putting it out there 🙂
love and blessings

Comment by susannah

freedom is what it is all about. people are mature enough to choose for themselves. that is the new paradigm. biggest love kel

Comment by changeurmind

troo! when we are all free and responsible for our own choices its a beautiful thing 🙂

to get back to the hands-on reality of growing our own food is so exciting to me. i’ve also been learning about growing medicinal herbs and native bush medicine. love s.

Comment by susannah

Ooooh… yummm…. what magic. What creativity! Want in!

Lou Ann

Comment by loulu79

Great Idea if there were’nt 7 billion people in the world. 10 acres per person. that is not sustainable, neither is eating meat. Please tell me how this is not elitist.

Comment by Scotttmd

Alright I’m jumping the gun a bit! Sorry. I see how this will be basis for knowledge. So with that in mind people need to think about world population when considering future ideas…

Comment by Scotttmd

I want in, when can i move in?

Comment by max

WOW….that looks about as close to my vision of the perfect community and way of living…Those houses are just sooooooo cute….LOVE IT

Comment by Rae

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