The Brainwasher : Living in a Future Beyond 2012 : CD

The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 CD insists you survive 2012.

That’s right INSISTS you survive 2012!

The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 CD helps YOU attract into YOUR life the tools and resources you will need to cope with a global climate shift comfortably.

That’s right ALL the resources you need! Comfortably!

The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 CD is designed to get you in alignment with the future beyond 2012 quickly, powerfully and effortlessly. Just by changing your mind.

Sit down, relax and press play.

So how does this is work? The Brainwasher is at the foremost of reality-creating technology. The CD works on the premise that reality is created through neurological pathways in our mind and ‘what we believe’ is what we actually see, contrary to the idea that ‘what we see is what we believe’. Through the advanced knowledge and wisdom of quantum science, we now understand that what we think about is what shapes our experience of reality. We therefore understand that if we wish to change our reality and create a different one we need to change the way we think.

There is no need to go out and work harder for abundance- simply change the way you are thinking about it and attract the abundance to you!

The Brainwasher CDs were developed from my personal experience attempting to change my reality by changing my thoughts. These CD’s are the end result of a 3 week retreat changing my mind.

“ I wanted to create a tool that would enable people to prepare their minds for the  days a head. I understood that most people aware of 2012 are struggling to attract the resources, communities, abundance and skills to feel completely prepared to survive the earth changes – because most people are feeling overwhelmed with fear. So I created the Brainwasher CDs which work by reprogramming the mind with thoughts of safety, survival and abundance. Individual reality must change in accordance with the new thinking – so in this way anyone can guarantee that they and their families are alive and well during these dangerous years.”

The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 CD is the first tool available to program the mind to survive the coming disaster’s. It all begins in the mind. All abundance, all outcomes, all manifestations.

I have now taken the top 3 topics presented by me on my you-tube site and perfected a set of thoughts that are in alignment with achieving an outcome specific to the topic.

The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 CD will move you beyond your thoughts of fear, limitation and lack that are hindering your preparation for 2012 and replace them with the opposite thoughts of safety, comfort, abundance, survival, wisdom and abilities.

By going to the very heart of reality-creation we have the technology and wisdom to move you directly from one reality into another quickly and powerfully. The Brainwasher: Living Beyond 2012 provides you with a way of attracting into your life the exact realities and resources you need to acquire for you and your family to be living comfortably and abundantly during and after the global climate shifts predicted in the next 4years.

Narrated by Kelly Jones and set to music for the mind.

Length of CD: 46min 19sec long.

Bonus Beat: The Cd cover and inner and outer insert has been chosen from Kelly Jones personal collection of artwork, covering her many years creating art that represents the inside of her head.

Download also available.


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Comment by IdestyLet

I am really happy to have fallen upon this great initiative, well done and keep the rebellion going.

Can’t tell you how conforting it has been to read and watch and listen to you THANKS it resonates really deeply for me!

I have tried to access your shop and indigotoolkit etc but nothing seems to work, all links are broken or blogs closed. Any suggestions on how to get my hands on some of your tools.

This is THE awakening



Comment by Elise

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