There are no rules at School of New Earth. This is a community enabling complete freedom and respect of the individual to create what they would love no exception. I know that this is a BIG concept for people to wrap their minds around – as we are unfortunately most accustomed to being enslaved by a system, a law, an authority, a “right way of doing things” – but S.O.N.E is all about living in the astonishing beauty of chaos, of unlimited creativity and innovation.

We believe passionately that every person has the ability to live in personal harmony with the earth, nature and our human family. That we are old enough to live without a Governor or a Governor-ment. That we are nolonger children who need looking after by another – who give our power away to another so we can be cared for. No man has power of you. Ever. And S.O.N.E shall be a living example of a community of people coming together to learn how to truly live sovereign and free. To face our individual fear of the immensity of what it means to truly be free.

To this end it is necessary that every individual considering S.O.N.E ¬†become knowledgeable and up-to-date with INALIENABLE RIGHTS. Please go to the blog and begin to become passionate about being truly free. Its a lifetime’s journey but a truly necessary one.

In alignment with personal freedom there is no authority or hierarchy at School of New Earth. Problems that arise will be dealt with individually by the people involved. Law and Order is a system that does not work – it installs mistrust in our human family and is bureaucratic nonsense. If an issue arises that can not be resolved by the people involved then the issue will remain unresolved until the people involved mature their own sovereignty and wisdom. SONE is ALL ABOUT evolving oneself. If you dont know the answer then it is an OPPORTUNITY! No one is in need of baby-sitting anymore. This is a time to grow into our Godness. Powerful, complete and wise council. We begin this community with trust and love of each other completely.

There will be no policing of each other. No commandments. No ONE in control. This is the Great Awakening.


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This can work! However, it is natural to be a sceptic.
History has tought us that whenever a group of humans congregate, a natural hierarchy developes with its fundemental beliefs at its governing core. The society can work only if its inhabitance hold that common belief.
This is all well and good at the begining with a “free for all mentality”. However, things change and resentment, conflict and disputes arrise. It is enevitable.
My point is: You need a system of government. Social, liberal, tribal etc, to make this work.
My questions are:
1.Who is at the top of the hierarchy governing this belief system in SONE?
2.Who keeps the pease when the fit hits the shan?
SONE Cops?

Comment by Kenny

please view “the rules” page. xxx big love k

Comment by changeurmind

When there is abundance for all to meet our basic needs, there will be no need for rules or laws. Abundance does not mean a glut of ‘stuff’.

Most laws are because of scarcity. We are bred to believe that there is not enough and we are bred to believe that we must compete and have more than the other. Apart from basic needs such as shelter, food etc, people need to be able to ‘follow their bliss’ [Joseph Campbell]to do what they love and are skilled at.

We steal because there is not enough;we want more TV’s, plastic surgery, the latest gadget to ease our selves because we work too hard and don’t enjoy our work. We lash out because we are frustrated with our lives; we murder because people expose our dirty tricks or we are afraid of being caught or we are jealous.

As people come together united in the chaos and the drive to form a new world… love will be the all.

If I were part of this community, I’d create space for itinerant people to come visit. Even if they have no ‘money’ they will have energy currency or they will be open to learning a new way.

Remember that this system is based on money.. buying land.. and if you/we are to do that we must let go of the ‘private private – mine mine’ thinking.

Money is no a great way to base a community. There must be a resource based economy. Using technology until we have it no more, to investigate new ways of creating resources that are healthful and useful and respectful and nurturing of the earth…

check out

Comment by Pierre Soleil

I think the point of all this is for us to learn to live together with diverse beliefs. Transition in any way, shape, or form is never easy. But we have to learn.

We’ve been governed for thousands of years & in that way we were stripped off our natural growth process. In which I mean going through the mistakes, the conflicts, and all those petty differences that we are going through today. Growth & Maturity comes from an experiential process and an individual direct experience.

Comment by paul

I would like to visit you,
– I sincerely believe you have a bright future.
Let me know when might be convenient for all concerned.
Check out to know a bit more about my interest.

Comment by TheOneLaw

I with you people. We are evolving into the beings we were always meant be be. Wise and peacful.
The closest ive seen to what we can become, is beings not unlike the elves on LOTR. Creative, loving, all knowing and beautiful. In tune with the universe. This is happening. Low frequencies can not compete with the high. All our paths are converging. I am very happy.

Comment by Kenny

Cal-Earth institute
Are running an earthern dome home workshop on the 22nd and the 23rd of August in Victoria, down in Rye at the Peninsula hot springs. you will need to register with the Peninsula hot springs if you are interested. It is an amazing opportunity to build your own home, cheaply (a few thousand ought to do it!!!) out of earth, a tiny bit of concrete mixture and sandbags. This dome will withstand earthquakes, flooding, fires etc. And the best thing of all is that it has a very low impact on mother earth. No wood involved in the building of these beauties! the cost for the introductory course is $300.00. Me and a good friend Rob are doing the course so maybe we can report back to everyone how it was…There is another opportunity to do the nine day course and learn how to do the whole works. I am hanging out for that one. Namaste, Constance

Comment by Constance


Comment by Kelly McRainey

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