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This list will only be used to keep you updated and informed about The School Of New Earth. The more people we can connect through this process in Australia and the world the more powerful we become as a collective consciousness, and the more skilled we become through the sharing of information and skills. Collectively through this means communities can flourish all around Australia- and thats wonderful.



M: 0402 509 247

A: 39 Grosvenor st | South Yarra | Melbourne | VIC | 3141





For all updates and info on all of my activities and all of my sites go to Its a rockin cyber world.

Please note that to stay up dated to SONE’s activities you must join the mailing list – posting a comment here in the site does not connect you to our mailing list – and i dont want to miss anyone – so please email me at:


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You are great

Comment by Starla

I would love to someday be involved in a community like this!

Comment by Laurelle

This sounds like a great project. Something an idealist like me needs to be part of.
There is hope for the world afterall. This is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Comment by Kraig Mottar

ad me to your mailing list. May move to Australia!

Comment by anabel

you are my extended mind in action , the free part of it …..
my mind say .. .. ready to move on to any new style of life .. already free from everything( rules ) but my mind … i drink your words …. Australia is one of my destination … but to stay in the community .. what about immigration rules ( as a french citizen ) ?? i am looking for a place to live fully … in peace and with no money needed…
add me to your list ..

Comment by david saada


Comment by david saada

Dear Kelly
i have only recently found you and your plan and instantly my intuition told me that what you are doing is .. just – right.

i fear though that because its been so long since you started this that the 100 places are already filled up.
i want to protect my family from the events of 2012 and also get them away from the world on consumerism and such 🙂 and i hope you’ll reply to this telling me that there are still places left.
i wait your reply.

p.s. even if my family and i can not be a part of the school of new earth i thank you for helping all the others.

Comment by Star

dear Kelly
i have listened to your videos and you speak of the quantum and manifesting and such- i believe you will be interested in reality hacking.
i am a deep believer in it.

here is a site that might interest you

I’d like to know what you think
reply if you want to


Comment by Star

Coming into my 32 yr of life, I found myself confused, depressed, creatively challenged without any answers…I knew I needed to shift my thoughts to change my awareness and become more intune to what my spirit guides have been trying to relay to me. My quest and desire for answers and insight brought me to you and your coalition. I am hooked and feel like I finally found my people that I have become separated from my whole life.
I will continue to follow and support this movement. Kelly Jones, you are an amazing indigo sister who I feel a very strong connection with. Thank you for all of your dedication and hardwork, You need to know what an amazing impact your wisdom has had on me and Im sure many others.

Comment by Matisa

hello Matisa
my name is Brandelle and because kelly hasn’t been active for a very long time i though I’d tell you that i am setting up a community to.
Eldorado – based of the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

please pass the message on.

(To Kelly – I’d greatly like to work with you – you can email me on

Comment by Brandelle

I just got this. Is this now active? I thought Kelly had abandoned and here project. I’d like to see communities started, and many all over the world, and I’d like to see them join and cooperate is confederation with eachother. The world is changing, let’s change it and guide some good change.

Comment by Kraig Mottar

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