This is our criteria when purchasing the property:

1. 800feet above sealevel

2. Own water supply

3. Fertile soil

4. Isolated

5. Protected from volcanic, earthquake and nuclear activities

6. Large area to which we can lay the foundations for an advanced new civilization of 10,000years. 

7. Beauty – because the place we settle has to be a place we love with all our hearts.

The right property will effortlessly become available as we desire it. The time for this is 2009. The more individuals focusing their energies on the outcome the quicker it will manifest. Once we purchase the land – everyone involved – regardless of their financial contribution or age- will automatically become equal owners in the property assuring that there is never a system of ownership. 

If you are vibrating and wish to be a part of not only a community preparing for 2012, but a community that is moving into the future far beyond this – then start searching for property online. Email the site your results and lets start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.


Outstanding Homestead with Magnificent Views and Privacy: TOOWOOMBA









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This is what I want to do

Comment by Nicole

would you consider New Zealand as another place to look for land?? Our water supply is better… small selling point…

Comment by Carol-Anne/Lelia

I am Very cherry blossomed interested. Please contact me any one who vibrates to this message in a bottle. namaste. v


I am fully behind this sort of idea. I have had a similar idea for many a year now and wish to create my own community, but with this sort of idea already out there with the possibility of being part of this I am very interested!

Comment by Chris

i would love to live here! please let me know what i can or need to do!

Comment by mike

look what do we have to do
my family and untill this moment. where considering moving to mountpunga langa in the drakensburge mountains south africa for this same cause
this is so strange i have forseen toowoomba
please inform me asap
on when and how much
thank you
words can not descibe the uncanny this that have taken place for me to find you

Comment by chloe

youd be better off in Africa, this farm isnt going to work, youll be 5k down and all youll end up with is a cold muddy hole lol

Comment by ski

My wife and I have been looking for this kind of community for some time. Can you let me know how much we would and what are the steps of building a home once we have land.

Comment by 1ShaolinStyle

we are looking at keeping it to about $5000 an acre. cheap and affordable for everyone. housing is up to the individual. we are looking at purchasing a yurt – people have suggested creating them on the property – smart. but its whatever u wish to create – treehouse – tent – caravan. your call my friend. stay on the mailing list and i will keep you posted.

big love’kel

Comment by changeurmind

It all depends on the land and much on the climate.

Year round growing land is an almost absolute to me. If there is an absolute that there is an underground area capable of holding over 100 people for an extended time, you will need to consider THAT as the primary blueprint along with the lands food producing capacity.

I recommend a draw towards perhaps cliff dwelling. A cliff, or some type of ridge that can have the dwellings cut out and perhaps connected internally. Imagine a dome or cone type or a ridge narrow enough to allow a 360 degree or opposing view potential. Each individual place can offer it’s own vantage and have an exterior surplus to the interior offerings. Cliffs afford the ease in that you only need to open it up. A great view can’t be all that bad either.

Building and living underground is going to use up most of the resources. This is the biggest item needing realization. Everything else will seem like free energy.

Not everything will be able to be planned or avoided. Balance

Comment by Scott

I heard the sam Kels one mitey twisted girl hot tho

Comment by GM


Comment by Pand

Toowoomba is colddddd 🙂 I use to live there haha umm hope we get some good heaters

Comment by Ned

I’m on board, keep us up to date with the land, I’m happy to buy in and start building.. also tripping through Northern NSW to help in the search….

Comment by Eliza Zanuso

through my training from the source/heavenly mother, i have found out how to create my future. there are different laws that you need to know to do this, but i will be working with all of my brothers and sisters to obtain our goals through prayer and spellcasting. know that it is in your future! envision it in your future abstractly and absolutely. pray to your spirit guide for guidance in getting to your obtainable destiny. be 100% certain of yourself and the help from your spirit guide. see it as a check point in your mission. look at your vision with love and beauty. program this training into your mind and remember . love is the only true power!

Comment by Silver Light

I found this amazing property north of Tenterfield with a huge diversity of land, animals and vegetation. I think it is far enough inland but am unsure about soil quality, but to be honest, with the lists of vegetation already growing there it sounds ok. I love the name too, Halfmoon!! I will send an email to the agent requesting a soil appraisal xxxx Claire

Comment by claire storch

I found this one nearby too
I would say dont be put off with the prices of any of these as if it is the right piece of land, it will happen regardless of price, as we know, we are the creators, so we can make it happen! x

Comment by claire storch

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