In all sincerity- Synchronicity, Intuition and the Law of Attraction will resolve most of the big “hows” in building this community. It is precisely these understanding and practices that will resonate within the minds of those involved with S.O.N.E. This is an enlightening community that lean on personal power of creation and an innate understanding of the Laws of the Universe that will make this a GREAT community capable of founding a GREAT City of 10,000years.


  1. Join the mailing list and register your interest.
  2. Consider your dreams for the future and articulate how you would love to live in the Days that are Here.
  3. Update your knowledge by spending sometime online doing your research.
  4. Begin to imagine the resources you would love to attract to yourself in order to create that in which you would live to live + experience.
  5. Contribute your vision to the website by posting an article or paragraph to the email address.


100 people x $5,000 = $500,000 dollars. With that amount we will purchase a $300,000 property and have $200,000 available for creating the basic infrastructure of the community (gardens, energy sources, kitchens, etc). It is our aim to have this done by Dec 2009. Which gives everyone 1 year to attract the funds into their lives. This is sovereign and can definitely be done. This is also only one idea of infinite ideas – the most important thing is that everyone is free to create what they love once the property is purchased.

It has been seen that several lump sums will be contributed to the community which will generate enough financial excess to begin work immediately on an underground facility. These amounts will come from individuals who are financially abundant and through appearingly random acts of good-luck (though we know better!). It has been seen.

The property will be divided evenly btw the community so that everyone ideally has an acre to make of it which they would love and construct on it that which they would love. The rest will be dedicated to crops, gardens, animals, lifestyle and amenities.

The only request outside of these suggestions is that each person put $1600.00 aside to purchase a 2year preserved food package from the USA. Each package contains a pre-planed diet for everyday of the 2years. A sovereign act for you and your whole family.


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Begin ur own SeedBank – which involves collecting the seeds from all your fruits and products. Organic is best. These seeds will create the foundation for our vast and diverse gardens.
  3. Volunteer your services in whatever capacity makes you happy.
  4. Begin consciously collecting things that would be of use to you in this endeavour – tools, materials, kitchen equipment that does not run of electricity, footwear, warm clothing, bedding, instruction books on every imaginable topic etc
  5. Contribute your ideas. And remember though this may feel to big to imagine – the universe knows nothing about scale. To the universe there is no difference between asking for a bicycle and an ocean liner. It is all in our focus and positive vibrations. That’s the secret.


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I dreamed this every night for 2 weeks striate. it was slightly different then my dream but same concept. I have a warrant out for my arrest for a misdemeanor marijuana charge. I am facing 1 year. if I turn my self in now I will be out in time to live my dream. I feel that my time spent will be good on my spirit and on my mind. I will have time to heal and focus so that I can follow my duty’s as an indigo and the ambassador of light. oh and the reason that I call my self the ambassador of light is that a psychic had a message for me and told me that god gave me a message and the ability to light the way. she said that for the first time in her life she herd a name and that name was ambassador of light. my real name is nick or Nicholas, which comes from Greece and the word Nike. Nike’s were massager angels. the god mercury was a Nike. so it seems that I am destined to bring a message and light the way. I fear that the only way for me to do this is to be at peace with the world. the world that I hate so much, but I cant stop loving. my life has been vary hard and vary strange. the happenings in my life prove to me that we are here for a porpoise and that it is undeniable this is the truth. my whole life no matter were I was I always had this feeling that I wanted to go home. maybe I finally get to. thank you.

Comment by ambassador of light

Hey all,
names Michael I’m 28 and from Perth and I too am a Indigo Adult which is awesome as well as very lonely, can’t understand why other people find our grand dreaming scary or off putting then go and sit down in front of the news? Boggles my mind. I have been labelled a ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ as well as in the past ‘ADD’ Love the idea of an Indigo stand-up for this would really be cool for the generation below us to have a better understanding from parents, system etc as well as the one’s in our age group struggling especially the one’s hating who they are because of the alienation which is disgusting, but now thanks to Kelly and Boony’s vids on youtube they can start enjoying who they are and if they’re game get their parents to understand, believe me I know how hard that is. I’d also like to say well done and for putting all this together as well it’s awesome 🙂 May these dreams come true, God Bless Everyone Here

Comment by Michael

I have so far saved £20,000 (UK Pounds). Initially, I thought I might start my own business – a nail or hair salon but I have been very apprehensive. The thought of opening a business has been very daunting because I have no business experience.. licenses, business rates, taxes, over-heads, RECESSION, blah blah has just made me even more scared. My parents are pressuring me to get married — start a family blah blah.. so I need “foundations”.. wtf?! I don’t want to be a part of this monetary system, I do not want to be a slave no more.

That was probably too much info, but netherless, S.O.N.E has been something I have always thought about from a young age.. well not exactly.. I used to daydream of living in the jungle or on a paradise island by myself– away from society and smelly humans.

It would be wonderous to live in a society where the Love for All was the driving force for it’s evolution.

I would love to help grow food, farm and all that entails. I love to cook. I have also got some experience in basic carpentry. I am also very good at helping people with aches and pains with my healing hands.

It would be great to shed the money and material possessions I have so far accumulated in this unfair and biased world if I was guaranteed that this dream was successful.

I wait in darkness.


London, UK.

Comment by Kai Brandon Ly

hi my friend – have u joined the mailing list? please do we are ready to begin the journey – i would love you to be apart of it. stay in contact. and view the last 2 utube clips i posted. big love kel

Comment by changeurmind

Do you guys know how to make events? I see that the immediate thing that needs to be tackled is the purchasing of the Land. but I think what you guys can do (those who are from Australia) can put up something. Pitch in-Resource wise. What do you guys have now? How many are musicians? How many are artists? Filmakers? Anybody that has knowledge of any particular product? Contribute something/anything/or even an idea on how to generate the funds for it. If there’s a time to creative? It’s now

Comment by paul

im in byron…when can i come??

Comment by pixie

we will hope to have the land in 3-6months. i will keep everyone up-to-date vie the mailing list. big love kel. after you get ur acre – you can begin living/building/creating there whenever you would love xxxxk

Comment by changeurmind

when will we be able to move in?

Comment by max

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