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September 26, 2008, 5:05 am
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The School of New Earth [S.O.N.E] proposes a fresh approach to “community living” – one that is not only dedicated to human and environmental concerns, but is also creative, technologically advanced and  aesthetically designed. It is an attainable vision of a bright and better future, one that is appropriate to the times in which we live, and both practical and feasible for a positive future for all the world’s people. S.O.N.E calls for a diverse and innovative approach, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable. Over the course of the next 12months S.O.N.E will manifest highly innovative, dynamic communities around the world. This information and website acts as an online flare, to attract the individuals and families who are vibrating in the direction of self-sustainable living, desire to prepare for coming climate changes and economic collapse, and a strong wish to live in heart, freedom, self-mastery and creativity. For those people will have attracted this idea into their consciousness. WELCOME.


S.O.N.E provides you with a visual tour of the possibilities that are infinitely open to us. To transform the “Communal” stereotypes and instead present a cutting edge, technologically advanced “culture” that incorporates comfort, design, magic, freedom, abundance, technology and solutions for the future.


We are going green green green with a focus on nature, animals, and the earth. And it is a wonderful proposal that after the land is purchased and the community co-created that the property itself is handed back to the earth as we consciously move away from the monetary system – a system founded on scracity, and instead move into abundance – where everyone always has what they need. To this end “THE VENUS PROJECT” has provided some remarkable insights and solutions to the future of design and communities.


  • It is the aim of S.O.N.E to replace monetary-based (scarcity) economies with a resource-based (abundance) economy.
  • Reclaim and restore the natural environment to the best of our ability.
  • Develop and use clean, renewable energy sources.
  • Encourage the widest range of creativity and incentive toward constructive endeavor, lifestyle endeavor and community endeavor.
  • Transcend the need for any boundaries that separate people.
  • Realize the declaration of the world’s resources as being the common heritage of all Earth’s people.
  • And preparing people intellectually and emotionally for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.


So take your time scrolling through the imagery. Let your imagination play with ideas and desires. This is a community that will be built this coming year. It has been seen. The only decision you have to make, is whether you want to be a part of it.




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I love this idea. I also understand this idea. I say that because the way that the world is being run these days, just doesnt make any sence. I would very much enjoy it if there is a way that I could help. Please contact me if I can get involved.

Comment by Kyle

hello – please join the mailing list:

big love.

we are starting in 4 weeks.

Comment by changeurmind

Amongst civilisation there are mini organisations and ideas popping up all over the world. I personally live outside of the usuall democracy and am looking forward to a future of self-sustainability the inevitable future of true freedom

Comment by Mike Page

The world is perpetual, Oil is greed. We have wind. We have sun. We have water. We have magnets. We have love. I dream of a benevolent society running on clean free energy, Eventually the Earth Community with no war(NO NEED)and abundance. No aspartame. No fluoride in the water. AND FINALLY a true DEMOCRATIC-REPUBLIC!

Comment by Josh Mountbatten

looks blooody fantastic_been looking for something like this all my life_tell me more.100 people etc. i’d work my arse off down here in melbourne doing 3 jobs if that’s what it takes to get into something like that. i just hope you aren’t religious or politically “correct” since creativity flourishes when there is structure and open ended inquiry.

Comment by sean o'gara

ooo wow beautifull
Harry = no money and no job
=) ill manage somehow
i love this place

Comment by Harry Syddell

Sound really good what i have to do to get in ?

Comment by Rosa maria Fox

hello – please join the mailing list:


Comment by changeurmind

hey i saw a web no long ago call calearth, is a great and cheap way to buils houses, i hope i used full for you

Comment by Rosa maria Fox

Hi, This is very refreshing and I am extremely pleased that you have the courage to express your ideas for a better future for humanity. If you need any assistance please contact me and I will do anything I can to assist.

Here’s to an abundant future!

Comment by Dimitrios Toumbos

Amazing!! What do I have to be become part of this community?? I’ve had visions of something similar – I’m blown away to see it come to fruition

Comment by Anne-Marie

hello – please join the mailing list:

big love.

Comment by changeurmind

cannot wait kel…gonna be excellent….bagsy the tallest tree for my tree house ….
jamesey..xx london

Comment by jamesey-boi london

so how is every thing coming along? i havnt seen any new videos on sone frome u in a long time. every day that gos bay saddenes me. every day is one less day that we have to enjoy our lives. i went on an amazing journy for 3 months, i saw God, i saw the devil and i saw who i truly am. now that journy is over and i am back in the world i hate. i need my true home. a place i can raise my lil one and be happy with my family. please contact me and let me know the details on sone. thank you. PLUR

Comment by ambassador of light

have u joined the mailing list? do so and stay updated. we are moving into our future and it starts in 4 weeks. big love k

Comment by changeurmind

Please add me to your mailing list. A workshop is being held in late August regarding hands on bulding techniques for dome homes in the Mornington peninsula region. Let’s hope we can fuse many groups that bear the thought of living in a domain that’s one with Mother earth…..

Comment by Robert

hello – please join the mailing list:

big love.


Comment by changeurmind

hi robert – have u emailed SONE at ?

big lov k

Comment by changeurmind

Loving your self is a grounding of the spiritual into your everyday life how better than to live in community in a beautiful place and know that it is a start of a new life that can be created off grid fully sustainable and with like minded people the time is now lets create it. All that get involved truly have to step into the unknown and believe in the creation that they are able to achieve and manifest may our thoughts go before us love and light

Comment by Katie J

I found this and thought you might like it – living on time out of ‘Gregorian time’. Moon time, harmonic time – rainbow time!

Comment by Danny

oh wooow, you are my vibe Kelly 🙂
We are doing same thing I would like you to check us here:

and this is some more inspiration:

Comment by marosh

We need more info is this land to purchase in Melbourne? Worried so close to the water? What do you feel about Mnt Shasta? When do we need to be there by? If we would like to purchase land but were in CA how would we go about doing this? Can you make a list of important things we need to bring that peopole wouldnt think about please. Love to the new world, Stacy

Comment by Stacy

Beautiful and inspiring

Comment by jake

Does anyone see this?
I like this concept, this project, and hope it happens and starts something. I hope after it starts, it start a firestorm of peoples starting autonomous communities allover the world. It’ll be a new step in our (social) evolution.

Comment by Kraig Mottar

This place looks wonderful! I’ve never seen anything like it. Would it be possible to visit it. I live in Canada and we don’t have anything even close to it. Wishing You all the best!

Comment by Kurtis Sanders

it is very nice and good! i would like to join a community like this with likeminded peoples to enjoy the peace the love and celebrate my life growing up my family and my little daughter , make my creativity grow and be happy… i love this idea…


Comment by Pand

With you x

Comment by Rowland O'Connor

What a beautiful place and idea how do i get involved in something like this? What a way to get total enlightment and peace.

Comment by omega

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME.

Comment by Candace

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